Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something for Me!

It has been awhile since I worked on a project for myself.  Other than curtains and pillows, I can’t remember making something just for me.  Um, I guess that chocolate cake last week was kind of for me (and Dan - see wedding picts), but that was not a sewing project.

Anyway, I found this fun turtle fabric and decided to make myself a tote bag and I finished it today.  Actually, it is not quite done.  I still need a button for the front.  I think it turned out well and I really enjoyed quilting it.  I did some decorative stitches, as you can see in the close up picture. 

Over the last 2 weeks I finished a few other gifts, a couple of capes and another backpack.  These gifts will go out shortly.  I am sure I am ruining the surprise for the recipients’ moms, but I am pretty sure T. and F. don’t read my blog.

Oliver so wants to sew something.  I need to think of a project for him.  He’ll come up to me and say “What stitch are you using Mom?”   I thought maybe he could do some fun stitches on felt and make bookmarks or something.  Any ideas? 

Next, I am going to start a quilt, that will probably take me forever and bag for a good friend. 

Today, as I ran out to the grocery store, I wished I had a smaller bag.  I think some people call it a purse...  I think I’ll add that to my list of things to do.

My list is long, but I have crossed a few things off lately and it feels good.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Solstice Celebration

Some of you may have wondered why I changed our family website to  We wanted a little more anonymity and had to think of something other than  My Alaska friends probably already know why I chose solstice cottage or will remember. 

Dan and I were married on Summer Solstice 5 years ago.  And every Alaskan will tell you Summer (or Winter) Solstice is a holiday to be celebrated, wedding day or not.  The cottage part is a reference to our current house here in Atlanta and our future house in Alaska. 

I wish I could say we had a romanced filled 5th Anniversary, but that would not really be typical of Dan and me.  We spent the morning with boys.  I built a cardboard rocket with the kids and Dan had to do a little work from home.  Later we attended Alex and Stephanie’s son, Ian’s,  first birthday party and got home in time to get gussied up, leave the boys with their Nonna and Papa and head out for a date.  We went to a restaurant you don’t bring kids to and enjoyed a long leisurely 4 course meal.  I think we were there about 2 hours and savored every bite. 

On a more sentimental note, I have to add that our wedding day was the most joyous day of my life.  I truly enjoyed every minute of it and remember it all so clearly.  I was not nervous or stressed out, but eager to begin our married life together.  For all of you there, thank you again for all the special ways you contributed to our day.  Without all of you, it could not have been such a beautiful day that came together perfectly.  I loved being surrounded by all our friends and family and I hope you all enjoyed being put to work!   Your hands-on participation helped ease any stress we could have had that day.  Having great friends and family we could count on made the day exceptional.

I can’t believe it has been 5 years already!  If you were out kayaking with us on our honeymoon, you might remember we were suppose to go again this summer.  5 years went by quickly!  It makes me think of a lyric from the Indigo Girls song Watershed “Every five years or so I look back on my life/ And I have a good laugh.”  Isn’t that always true?  Many of us have been busy getting married and having kids in the last 5 years.  We really have to plan another kayaking trip, maybe for our 10th anniversary.  If you couldn’t make it last time, make a plan now to come next time!

I hope that five years of marriage is just the beginning and someday we will celebrate our 50th anniversary with all of you.  I doubt there will a kayaking trip involved, but you never know.

Hey, if any of you still have digital photos from our wedding or the kayaking trip, I’d love to have some on a disc.  We were still using our film camera then.  Oh,  and I just remembered I forgot to bring film with me on our kayaking trip.

To all our friends and family spread out over the country:  Thanks for checking in on us and reading my blog.  We think of you all and hope to see again soon!

To Dan: You are the one I admire, you are the one I adore...

Happy Anniversary.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Father’s Day Celebration

with almost no pictures!  So, that’s what is left of the cake I made.  It was pretty good.  I may have gotten carried away with the chocolate frosting.  It turned out a little thick and fudgey.  I would never complain about that, but it was good that the filling was a light and fluffy raspberry mouse.  The boys loved licking the bowls!

We served homemade pizza and salads.  We ended up with a bigger party than I originally imagined and cooked 6 pizzas, all different.

The smoke detector went off twice.  :)  I have never cooked that many pizzas in a row and the corn meal I have to use to keep the dough from sicking to the stone started smoking.  Oh well.  Everything tasted good.  I think I’ll either keep the party smaller next time I make pizza, or wait for winter.  It was pretty warm in the kitchen.  It made the porch feel pleasant!

It was funny party because all the men were watching golf in the living room and all the ladies were out on the porch drinking wine and telling stories.  The kids kept themselves entertained and dropped in for for food and to sit on a lap every once in awhile.

At one point, Benton, Oliver and cousin Erin all went to out back with Uncle Joel (Erin’s dad) and Uncle Eli.  The last picture is the after effects.  They put bug spray on, but poor ol’ Benton got bit on his eye lid, neck and forehead.   He looks terrible.  I think it is even worse since I took that picture this morning.

Lastly, since it is Father’s Day, I want to add that the kids and I feel so lucky to have Dan in our lives.  He is a wonderfully loving and giving dad.  He brilliantly mixes being fun with being responsible and our boys adore him for it.  I see it every night when they run to the door to greet him and in bed when Oliver asks if tomorrow is a “stay-at-home” day.    They can’t get enough of him.  He is everything and more I had hoped my husband and father-of-my-children would be.  Lucky me.  We love you Dan!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

In Praise of Alanis

I have been a fan of Alanis Morissette for a long time, but debated about buying this new album.  I didn’t really want more of the same.  Then I listened to the samples on iTunes.  Then I listen to them again and again.  For a few minutes I thought I needed the actual cd, but couldn’t wait and bought it at iTunes. 

I listen to the album that night while sewing and since last Tuesday, I have listened to this cd dozens of times.  I have a few favorites, but I like the entire album.  If you buy it, be sure the get the deluxe version.  There are 5 bonus tracks on it.  I just lucked out, it was the only thing available on iTunes.   By the way, my favorite, favorite song is Incomplete.  Just lovely.

Anyway, the album makes me want to go to running, instead tonight I have been listening to it while making a chocolate cake for Father’s Day.  Oh well, I’ll get back to the gym on Monday.

By the way, I once saw Alanis heading out for a day of kayaking out of Whittier, Alaska.  We were getting our gear and I said “hi” and gave my usual shy smile.  Listening to this album makes me wish I had told her how much I have enjoyed her music.

What are you listening to right now?  Leave a comment or suggestion for me!  I love new music, especially music that makes me want to exercise (or better, dance).  :)