Sunday, May 4, 2008

What’s a frenulum?

Benton had to have a frenulectomy  and cerumen removal this week.  It was a relatively minor procedure that took 10 minutes and another 10 for him to wake up, but we were at the pediatric outpatient center for 3 hours.  The waiting is a little stressful.  I went there knowing it was a minor procedure, but still a little nervous about the anesthesia.  I left there feeling so grateful that we did not have to endure anything more serious than a frenulectomy.  Benton was tongue-tied.  The tip of his tongue could not move so the doctor clipped it a little.  We were concerned it would soon effect his speech and decided to take care of it now.  Everything went fine, but it doesn’t look much different to me.  Although, I have heard some new sounds out of him.  He also had some impacted wax in his ears.  Maybe he can hear better now too.

Oliver’s papa came and stayed with him while we took Benton to the doctor.  Since Frank had to get up so early, I had some cinnamon rolls ready to go in the oven for him.  I hope they enjoyed them.  The picture is what is left after we got to them too. 

I sent Papa Frank home with the bag I finished for my mother-in-law, Toni.  Click Read More to check out the pictures of it.  It’s a month late, but it’s finished.  I thought it turned out well.   I think she likes it well enough for it to be her regular library bag.

Anyway, things seems to be back to normal around here.   The house is crazy messy again.  I had it pretty clean on Thursday, the day of the surgery.  It only takes 2 days for the house to look out of control.  I am avoiding cleaning it by writing this blog entry.  That’s how much I care about those of you who read this thing.
Thanks for checking in on us!  I had to throw in a picture of Oliver, for good measure.  Leave a comment, if you want.  I’d love to know you were here.

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