Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothering on Mother’s Day

Both my guys have a bit of a cold.  So this morning, they are cuddled up under quilts I made, watching a show. They have been a little out of sorts since last Thursday.  We went out to dinner with family to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday night and I was just tired and stressed out the whole time.  The boys were not interested in sitting at a new restaurant with terrible service and so-so food.  Other than the company, I wasn’t all that interested either.  The best part was when we headed back to the Dan’s parent’s house for ice cream.

Overall, Mother’s Day was fine.  I had imagined a fun day out of the house with a picnic, but colds and questionable weather, kept us home.  Dan made chocolate chip waffles, more for the kids than me, and later went and picked up a yummy lunch.  I am working on organizing our art area and finally painted some shelves I plan to hang up today.  I desperately need to make the paint, crayons, markers, glue and scissors less accessible (see first post!).  I can already imagine them moving chairs to get the paint.  I am seriously starting to wonder if it is me or if boys just get into more trouble than girls

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