Saturday, May 24, 2008

Four generations and a rental car...

Great Grandma Irene and Grandma were both here for almost a week.  We kept pretty busy until I came down with a case of strep throat.   We spent one day at the botanical gardens.   The kiddos looked for frogs while the grandmas visited the orchid house.  They were hanging in there for lunch and then the kids fountain. 

The big adventure came the next day.  We took a drive up to the mountains for a picnic on Brass Town Bald.  I packed everything for the picnic, but I made a classic mom mistake.  I didn’t bring any extra clothes for boys.  We almost made it to the top, two minutes from the parking lot, when Benton lost it.  Grandma Kathy did her best to contain the damage.  She rinsed his shirt out and he wore his fleece jacket for the afternoon.   It was fine, but I learned another lesson.
We had a great time and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.

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