Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We headed out Sunday to our favorite day hiking spot: Sweetwater Creek State Park.   It was so nice out there.  The dogwoods were blooming and the weather was perfect for this Alaskan girl. 

Oliver has decided he is done riding in the backpack.  Oliver weighs at least 35 pounds, so hiking is a little easier for Dan without him on his back.    He wanted to carry his own backpack with his one item: gatorade.  He did pretty well.  I think we hiked about 3 miles, slowly, but he did it.  He spent a lot of time truly exploring.  He stopped to pick up sticks, look at flowers and bugs, write in the mud, and sit on every bench we came upon for a sip of gatorade.

I carried him for a little bit at the very end.  We were almost in sight of the truck and he wanted to sit down, again, and I could tell he was tired.  Benton was already asleep in the backpack, so I picked up Ollie and we kept going.  He is kind of heavy.  I can understand why Dan doesn’t want to carry him anymore.

Benton and Oliver both had a good time and Ollie is ready to go again next weekend. 

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