Sunday, April 13, 2008

One sewing project done...

out of about 15 on my list.  This is a cape I made for a playmate of Oliver and Benton’s.  I made her brother one several months ago for his birthday and she has been wanting one too.  Now I need to make one for Benton so all 4 kids have one.  I made Oliver one for Christmas.  When he opened the package he said “Fabric!  My own piece of fabric!”  Isn’t he the sweetest?   He would have been happy with a piece of fabric.  I digress...

The picture at right is Abbey putting the cape on for the first time.  The second is my attempt to get the back as she ran off.  She’s too fast for me!

It was fun to sew something a little girly and relatively quick.  I took both Oliver and Benton to the quilt store on Thursday.  The store was so welcoming of the boys.  It was a delightful surprise.  It was the first time I’ve taken them because I like to browse, but I was in and out of there quickly.  I knew I wanted something red with flowers and a mostly blue secondary fabric.  I found it.

Friday was the rough day.  We stayed home and I tried to refine my cape pattern.  The cape I made for Oliver was a little off.  So I made a another paper pattern and tried to get my boys to try it out.  Pretty funny.   I got all the pieces cut out during the day and finished sewing after bedtime.  I spent a lot of my time daydreaming about having a sewing room.  The dining room doesn’t work anymore.  Both Oliver and Benton just can’t keep their fingers off my sewing machine and all the notions.  So, I set my machine up in our bedroom, the only place that I can shut the door and keep them out. 

Next project on my list is a quilted bag for my mother-in-law.  I was suppose to finish it for Christmas, then her birthday.  My new goal is Earth Day.   It seems appropriate: a reusable attractive bag.   Now that I have found a place to leave my sewing machine out, I hope I will find more time to use it.

If you or your child wants a cape too, let me know.  I’ll add you to my list or maybe I will just send you the pattern.

Here is a nice tutorial I found.  I didn’t make mine just like hers, but it will give you a starting point if you want  to make one yourself.

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