Monday, April 21, 2008

“Go, Mama, go!”

So, the above picture is Benton enjoying his new little train without Oliver trying to get in on the action, for once.  Oliver is currently lying on the couch watching a video.  He had some Benedryl a little bit ago.  If you click on Read More below, you will see a picture of Oliver and his hives. 

It turns out, Oliver is allergic to most sunscreens.  I used the same stuff I have used before and he broke out in a zillion hives.  It has been 3 days and he still looks terrible.  The redness has faded a bit, and the picture doesn’t do them justice.  Poor guy.  He is taking benedryl and trying not to scratch too much.  We decided to stay home today.  I am hoping he will feel and look a little better tomorrow. 

Since it has warmed up around here, I have been getting out with the boys on my bike.   Dan has been working so much lately, that I have not been to the gym much and I realized that the only way I will ever lose weight, is to get the exercise I need with my kids in tow. 

Luckily, I live in a neighborhood where we can walk or bike to most of the places we go.   I think the hardest part is that sometimes the kids will is stronger than mine.   I also had to get use to riding my bike in the street.  My Anchorage friends might find it hard to imagine, but there are almost no bike trails in this city.  

Last week, we walked to the park twice and went out twice with my bike and trailer.  I felt slow and chubby on the bike, but Oliver was cheering me on as I went up the hills.  “Go, Mama, go!” and “You can do it, Mama!”  It made me laugh and gave me energy.

Saturday, we packed a picnic and drove out to the northern end end of the Silver Comet Trail and rode about 14 miles.  The turn around point was an old train tunnel.  I think Oliver’s favorite part was the echo, echo, echo.  It was a good day.  Unfortunately, I forgot the camera. 

So the goal tomorrow is an 8 mile bike ride and picnic at the park. 

I hope it is not too sunny.  I’m not putting anymore sunscreen on Oliver until his hives are gone.

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