Thursday, April 3, 2008

Busy Week

Our friend Patty came to visit this weekend, which meant I spent Saturday picking up the zillions of toys our children own.   That’s her with Benton in the picture.  Benton put her to work reading books.   We made pizza and had a great visit.  Oliver was a little shy at first, but eventually came around and decided Patty was pretty fun. 

I really enjoyed catching up with Patty.  I feel lucky to have such and incredible woman as a close friend.  She is smart, funny, thoughtful, and always entertaining.  Even when I haven’t seen Patty in awhile, we always seem to pick up where we left off. 

So, the weekend ends and Dan has to head off to work.  Monday was the end of the month.  Most nights, since we came back from Alaska, Dan doesn’t come home until 8pm and then works from home.  End of the Month is worse.  Dan was at the office until 4AM.   One guy got so stressed, he quit around 10:30pm.   Dan came home from the office only to work from home until 7am.   Oh, the guy that quit, quickly regretted it and they all worked it out.

Thankfully, the last two nights have been better as in “Daddy’s home early!  Yea!”   “Early” was actually 7pm, but it was earlier than usual.    We are all glad when Daddy makes it home for dinner and bedtime.  The amazing thing about Dan is that although he has been working crazy hours lately, he is always ready to be the dad.  Oliver and Benton adore him and enjoy every minute  they spend with him.  I love that he plays, reads and cares for them even when he has worked 12 hours and has more to do after they go to bed.

We made cookies this morning, picked up sandwiches and met Dan at his office for lunch.  The boys like to see where Daddy works.  Until things settle down, we’ll get our time where we can.

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