Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why did you say I was on fire?

Bedtime around here can get interesting.  We have a general routine of dinner, baths, pjs, books, cuddles, sleep.   It usually goes pretty smoothly with both Oliver and Benton. 

Today, however, both of them are sick.  Benton is congested and Oliver had a fever of 104.1 this afternoon and slept for about 3-4 hours.   He doesn’t usually nap.

Tonight, Benton had a little routine going.  Toss around, then cuddle up to mom, move away from mom, throw the pillow off the bed then cry about pillow being on the floor, repeat.  After about 15 minutes of this, he finally fell asleep.  Could have been worse.

Meanwhile, Dan cuddled with Oliver for awhile then left him in his bed.  Now, it is almost 10 o’clock and Oliver is still awake in his bed.   So I walk by and hear him calling his Dad.  “Daaaaddy!  Daaaaaddy!”  I go in.  “Oh, hi mom.  Want to cuddle?”  Sure.  We cuddle.  He starts talking.  “I have a blanket ‘cause my legs were cold”  Then he talks about being sick.  “Why did you say I was on fire?”  Then who he loves.  Trust me, he said your name.  What day of the week it is.  What days Daddy works.  “How does it go”  He wants to know the order of the days.  He tries to remember.  “Why does Daddy have to work on Friday?”  I'm still not sure how to answer that.  I tell him I need to check something and I’ll be back in a little while.

Usually we are quiet when he starts this stream of conscious conversation at night, but I know he is not very tired so I chat with him.  It is funny to follow him in conversation.  I want to remember the funny phrases he says, but usually I forget them by the time I leave his room.

I have been gone about 5 minutes and I hear “Mommy,  Mommy!”  Dan turns to me and says “He likes you.  Tonight, he told me likes doing things with you.”  Lucky me.  So I go in.  

“I want to cuddle with you.  I just yell. yell. yell, and people come into my bedroom.  I yell Daddy, Mommy, Benton and you come in.”  He’s totally got us figured out.

“I love you so much Mommy.  Don’t go.  I still neeeeed you.”  He is pulling out all the stops now.  More kisses.  “I’ll come check on you in awhile.”

Five minutes later, “Mommy, Mommy!  I got hurt.  My skin and teeth came off.”  Ok.  Apparently, he pulled some dry skin off his lip.  He wants a bandaid.  After I explain that bandaids don’t work well on lips, he takes a sip of water, I give a few more kisses, and I leave again.

Ok, I think he is asleep. 

Most nights, he is asleep in minutes, but the nights when he is not, he is hard to resist.  He is so sweet.  He says thoughtful things and likes to cuddle and give out kisses.  I know some parents will think we are softies, but most nights our kids love bedtime because it means reading and cuddling with both me and Dan, goodnight hugs and kisses, talking about our day and our plans for tomorrow and both Benton and Oliver get to fall asleep next to someone they love.   Soon enough, they won’t want all those cuddles.  I decided while they were newborns that I would enjoy them while I can.   My hope is that when the cuddles are gone, they will still talk to me about their day.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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