Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Many things happen in a day at home with my guys.  Here’s the first of many that will probably leave you wondering why I don’t pay more attention to my kids. 

After dinner, before Dan made it home tonight, I left the kitchen to check my email.  I was gone maybe 5 minutes.  “Mommmm, Mommmmmy! Mommy! I was finger painting!”  Oliver’s excitement left me with a bad feeling.  His arms and legs were covered in green paint.  His feet were leaving green footprints to and now from the office.  Benton was crying.  Apparently, he didn’t like having green paint on his pants. 

So I pick Benton up, tell Oliver to sit on a rug in the kitchen and assess the damage.  I wouldn’t have guessed there was that much paint left in the tube.  Oliver had really done his best to spread it around the kitchen. 

I was on the verge of being angry.  In that instant, when I got to decide how to react to the umpteenth issue of the day, I thought of Sonja, a friend from high school.  Last week she died of a heart attack.  She left behind her five year old daughter and husband.  I know she would have given anything to spend another day with them. 

Eh, green paint.  It wasn’t that bad.  I forced a little laugh that turned into a real one, got out the Hoover Floormate and put both boys in the tub.  It was almost bedtime anyway.

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